Tips to become a real Ruzzle cheater!

RuzzleMaster is the fastest ruzzle cheat on the Web. It can solve a Ruzzle scheme in half a second.
However if you are slow in filling the grid and setting moltipliers or you just don't want to lose any time in doing that, you can try the following technique:


If you are using an Android device, if you kill the game during a round and reopen it, you'll start the round with the same pattern of letters as before and 2 minutes of time again. In order to do this you can follow these easy steps:

  • start playing a round with your victim.
  • fill the grid of RuzzleMaster.
  • click "Solve!".
  • kill Ruzzle on your device.
  • launch again Ruzzle and start playing the same round with the victim.
  • cheat shamelessly using the words calculated by RuzzleMaster in the meantime.

In order to kill an application (Ruzzle in this case) you need to have on your device an app that can do that. For instance Advanced Task Killer, App2SD and many other free apps.

Note that some devices can kill tasks just with a long back button press.

If you have Android 4.0 (ICS) you can kill the app just pressing home button during the game, than long pressing home button again and swiping on Ruzzle to kill it.


If you have an iPhone the only way you have in order to save time is:

  • start a round with the victim.
  • take a screenshot (home button + power button).
  • use another phone to call your iPhone. This will put the game in pause mode.
  • use the screenshot to fill the grid of RuzzleMaster.
  • click "Solve!" and continue playing.

If you have any doubt or suggestion please use the Comments section!