1st March

17th February

  • The research algorithm has been updated: now it finds the words in half the time!
  • Added the dutch dictionary!

16th February

  • New sequence visualization of the words in the grid.

15th February

  • New Italian and French word lists.
  • Added keyboard words navigation.

11th February

  • Changed the input mode of the score multipliers.
  • Added the missing words notification.

10th February

  • Site restyling.

08th February

  • Implemented the words sequence visualization.

07th February

  • French word list added. Maintenant RuzzleMaster est le plus rapide triche pour Ruzzle!
  • Site restyling.

06th February

  • English and Deutsch word lists added to the solver.
  • Social buttons added. Use them!

05th February

02nd February

  • Graphics improved.
  • Famous quotes added to the home page!

01st February

  • Official launch of RuzzleMaster!
  • Strange bugs with IE occour :P